Lawyers, a word, please!

Discalimer: I hereby explicitly state that I address this message only to those representatives of the in general law-abiding and honorable guild of jurists whose motivation for visiting my website is not necessarily their dedicated interest in photographic work. To whom else you might ask? Well, since I am a devoted animal lover, I never really got comfortable with common parlance calling them "weasels"... I can't help it, I like weasels. But perhaps this somewhat inappropriate analogy can serve as a hint?

All others a warm welcome...

This website is a private, independently operated, non-commercial Internet presence. It is not aimed to hurt, compromise, unmask or ridicule anyone else but myself.

Unless otherwise posted or (for example in case of Canon & Sony) provably authorised in writing, all photographs and the entire text material are intellectual property of the author of this web presence.

Those of you whose only intention behind combing through the Net is tracing possible copyright infringements in order to gain personal profit from it be informed: Anyone cleary recognizes such filthy little rif-off games and the apparent avarice for the alleged "easy money" without own labor or intellectual achievements — and everyone is disgusted by it. So, to make it easy on you (knowing you like easy): You won't find anything here suitable to satisfy your greed!

To many people's sorrow envy and ill-will quite often by far outrank diligence. From this kind of character flaws, in our modern societies disgusting professions emerged, such as lawyers. A certain variety of lawyers, notabene; in particular those bullied outsiders that back in their school days always stood alone at the playground's edge because no one ever invited them to join in, and that in return today practice pure Machiavellianism: cunning might-tactics and duplicity diverged from any moral values, combined with a malicious quick and dirty rip-off attitude. We all ought to be aware of this type — he has proven to be a recipe for mischief and chagrin. Even, or above all, for us ordinary folks, that just for the fun of it experiment a little in private to put together a harmless and colorful homepage. No one is bothered by that, no one is hurt. But the descendants of those that back in the dark days of past centuries were driven off to Transylvania because of their lack of blood and emotions - these days raised to higher power by crammed legal expertise and abnormally applied incomprehensibility as stylistic means for differentiation - now wander around in moonless nights through the World Wide Wackiness, soulless and self-righteous, pretendeding indignation and allegedly protecting often rather irrelevant copyrights, with the only intention to harrow primarily clue-, defense- and helpless fellow men and women. And while elsewhere the real mean and depraved crooks, undisturbed by law and order and not seldom even protected by such lawyers, can wallow in their golden filth, those that unintentionally and often also unknowingly blow up a little dust are brought down.

Bearing that in mind I tried to the best of my knowledge to keep this Internet presence "law"-compatible. Therefore, stick to your professional ethics and bite those ankles that indeed deserve to be hurt.

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