The dawn of life...

"Stein Reich ... Stein Alt"
If the dawn of life approaches, the rich ones do not own and the poor ones do not owe money any longer.
And all mammon in this world won't buy us another day...

Since wordplays generally lose in translation, or don't work at all, a small clarification to understand the picture: The gemstone dealer's shop name Stein Reich funnily characterizes the financial situation of most of his clientele - the German adjective steinreich means as much as "filthy rich".
The old woman hastily passing by would be categorize in German as
steinalt (old as a stone).

Fact is, however, Stein Reich means, the gemstone dealer's surname is Reich, and he's selling gemstones (Stein = stone). Kinda spoils the fun, though, doesn't it?

Lindau on the Lake of Constance, Germany. March 2009.

Canon EOS 5D Mk II, Canon EF 24-70 mm f 2.8 @ 48 mm, ISO 200, f 1:5.6, 1/60 s.
Exposure compensation +0,33 EV.